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In courses 1-to-1 the teacher can change the level by himself, communicate with a student, pause their course, etc. Check what you can do to interact with your students even more!

Contacting Your Students

Whether it's to convey important information or simply engage with students, effective communication is essential for teachers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to reach students through the Fluentbe platform:

Locating the 'Courses' Tab and 'List' button

On the left side of the screen, the teacher can find various tabs. The one needed here is 'Courses' (number 1 in the screenshot below).

Navigating the list of courses

Here, the teacher can choose to display 10, 25, 50, or 100 courses in one list (number 2 in the screenshot below). If the teacher has many active courses, he/she can search by the student's name (number 3 in the screenshot below).

If the course is not on the first page and the teacher does not know the name of the student, move to the second page (number 4 in the screenshot below). There are many more filters, but we'll leave it for teachers to explore πŸ˜‰

Navigating and opening the 'messages' tab

After finding the proper course and with the course view now displayed find the 'messages' tab (number 5 in the screenshot)

Once clicked the chat between the student(s) and teacher will be displayed. At the bottom, there is a chatbox with the button 'send' (number 6 in the screenshot). On the left side, there is a tab where the teacher can find all documents, images, and links sent throughout the course (number 7 in the screenshot).

Every time the message is sent the student receives a push notification only if she/he uses the official 'Fluentbe' application on IOS and Android. If the student does not use the application after 24 hours of not responding to a message the system sends a notification.

Changing the course level

Course View

After finding the proper course and with the course view now displayed, on the left side of the screen there are the:

  • course name

  • teacher's name

  • language info

  • level info

  • lesson duration (how long the lesson should take)

  • materials type (such as Fluentbe presentations)

  • teaching resources (it correlates with level and materials type)

  • course goals (when students want to prepare for the exam etc.)

  • tags (when the student is learning specialistic vocabulary like English for IT)

The 'edit' button

To change the level teacher should focus on two things level info and the button 'edit' (number 5 in the screenshot) and teaching resources (number 6 in the screenshot)

​Click on the 'edit' button (number 5 in the top screenshot) and choose the proper level (number 7 in the screenshot)

Press 'Confirm' to save changes

The new level will be displayed in the course view as well as teaching resources. New materials will be automatically added to scheduled lessons (number 8 in the screenshot)

Changing the subject in the course

Open the course view and choose the lesson in which you want to change the subject (number one in the screenshot below)

Locate and click on the grey french tool (number 2 in the screenshot below) then the 'edit subject' button (number 3 in the screenshot below)

Choose among the 30 topics the one you would like to use during the next lesson (number 4 in the screenshot below)

Once selected press 'submit' (number 5 in the screenshot below)

Issues with changing the subject

❗ In group courses follow the chronological order and try to conduct all slides during the lesson. ❗

❗ Note that skipped topics will not disappear and the system to keep the chronological order will constantly assign it to the next lessons ❗

To overcome it assign the topic you have conducted with the student and add the one you want to skip and press submit. (number 6 in the screenshot below)

This is how it looks like in the course view (screenshot below)

❗ If a student is absent during the lesson the system will automatically assign the topic which was previously assigned to the last lesson to prevent a student from missing the topic ❗

❗ The topic of the first lesson can not be changed if you want to omit it because your student has done it earlier with another teacher use the option to move between topics during the lesson (screenshot below) ❗

What to do if I don't want to receive more new courses?

If you feel that you have enough courses and you do not want to receive more, you should:

1. go to your profile

2. find the section 'teaching preferences'.

3. turn the option 'I want to receive teaching opportunities' off by clicking the button (number 1 in the screenshot below)

Below you can find a turned-on view of this button and the colour πŸ’š greenπŸ‘‡

After switching it off the colour turns 🩢 grey

❗ Once this button is grey you WON'T receive any new courses as well as new offers for lessons replacements ❗

What to do if I don't want to conduct the first lesson and give the course away?

Giving away a course can be tough, especially for students who are eager to start learning English and have already received information about when and with whom they are having their first classes in a new course. A sudden change of the whole course and a teacher may confuse and upset a student who is ready to start learning English as soon as possible.
Also, changing course assignments might affect your student retention and could impact your performance review. Let's work together to find the best solution for everyone involved. Your dedication to your students is truly appreciated, and we're here to support you every step of the way!
Depending on the source of concerns you should contact specific people to resolve the case with the course:

  1. Methodical case - reach out to teachers' trainers

  2. Time and date case - reach out to your student via 'messages' and suggest another time and date for the first lesson

  3. Course capacity case - reach out to us on the chat

What to do if my student wants to take a break from studying?

If your student wishes to take a study break, you should pause their course.

Why should you set a pause in their course? There are a few reasons for that:

  1. the student won't receive any unwanted notifications or contact from the Fluentbe office during a break

  2. the course won't be archived from your profile after a long time of not having lessons in the course thanks to the straight information about the pause

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Confirm the exact timeframe for the study break with your student.

  2. Navigate to your student's course view.

  3. On the right-hand side, click the French Key icon and then from the expanded list, select "Pause course."

  4. Set the start and the end date for the course pause in the window that appears.

  5. Confirm the date.

Important Note: Always consult with your student about major changes like pausing their course to ensure everyone is on the same page. ❗

Technical issues during the lesson

To find out how to overcome the technical issues during the lesson please push the button below.

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