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Student's profile - Student Space
Student's profile - Student Space
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Fluentbe students' accounts

Our students have their accounts on the Student Space site which allows them to manage their courses easily.

Here is what their platform looks like for you to know what your students can find there!


In the upper screenshot, we can see the following things:

  1. Start - it shows the dashboard of a student which you can see on the screenshot

  2. Course plan - subjects in a course plan a student is currently following in the classes

  3. Messages - a chat with a student's teacher(s)

  4. My lessons - lessons' schedule

  5. My account - settings they can set in their profiles

  6. Tools - instruments students can use to enhance their learning process

  1. Number of lessons left in a student's package

  2. How many times a student was present in scheduled classes this month

  3. Upcoming lesson

  4. A view of an active course(s)

  5. A button they can use to book a lesson with a chosen teacher (they can also use the same button in the left upper corner πŸ’™ )

  6. Chat with a teacher in the chosen course

  7. Previous lesson

  8. The subject of a lesson (❗Mind you that if you want to put extra information from the class, you should attach the information in the "note" tab in the lesson's view - if you write some extra info in the lesson's subject, it'll appear here in a student's Student Space profile. How to do that properly is shown in the screenshot below the list you are reading right now πŸ‘‡ )

  9. A survey where they can evaluate the previous lesson

  10. Materials from the particular class

  11. Tools such as Professor AI, Translator, Corrector, Dictionary, and Synonyms enhance a student's learning process

    Ad. 7 - How should you leave extra information regarding a scheduled/finished class?

    1. Click the date of the lesson you want to comment on

    2. Click the "notes" tab

    3. Click "Add note", write a note and click "Add"

    Done! 🀩

Course plan

In this tab, our students can find all subjects from the current course programme with 4 sections in each topic to do beyond our classes.

  1. If a student has a few courses, they can change course programmes they have on their profiles, e.g. from B2.1 to C1.1

  2. Topic, date and status of a lesson with additional materials covered by a student before/after a certain class

  3. Course progress displays the covered topic in the course with a division to each additional materials' section below (Pre-lesson, Materials, Homework)

  4. Goals to achieve by a student after covering this particular topic

  5. Additional materials divided into 4 sections in order to enhance student's learning process:

    • Prelesson materials to do before a class to familiarize yourself with the next lesson's topic

    • Lesson materials covered during the class - you can always come back here and recall the materials covered during the lesson

    • Homework to revise the material after the class

    • Vocabulary to learn new phrases and words from our Fluentbe Flashcards


In this tab a student can find their chat with a teacher(s).

  1. Chat in a student's active courses(s)

  2. Chat in a student's archived courses(s)

  3. Files, links, and images in 1 place sent in a course's chat

  4. Chat from a particular class

  5. Text editing options - embolding, italics, and background color of a text

  6. Text formatting options - left-aligned and centered-aligned

  7. Bulletpoints options - numbers or dots

  8. Option to attach a file

  9. Options to return to the previous written message

  10. Emojis

My Lessons

In this tab, a student has an access to their whole history of lessons at Fluentbe in the form of a list and a visual calendar of a student's classes.

  1. Date of a specific class

  2. Subject of a specific class

  3. Teacher assigned to this lesson in a particular course

  4. Status of a lesson (scheduled, finished, cancelled)

  5. Presence of a student in a particular lesson

  6. Amount of completed lessons in ongoing month

  7. Amount of scheduled lessons in ongoing month

  8. Student's attendance at classes in ongoing month

    Below the visual calendar of a student's classes, students have option to connect their Fluentbe schedule with their private calendar (Google, Apple, or Outlook Calendar) to track their classes:

    If a student experiences some problems with connecting Fluentbe calendar and their private calendar, please let them know to contact us at [email protected]. We'll guide them with pleasure 😊

My Account

In this tab, a student can change their logging, data settings etc.

  1. An option to change a student's personal data

  2. Login ways

  3. Payment history

  4. Balance of a student's lessons

  5. Option to connect their Fluentbe schedule with their private calendar (Google, Apple, or Outlook Calendar) to track their classes

  6. Certificates contain progress test filled out by a student


This tab expands after clicking on it where we can find different tool enhancing students' learning.

The tools are the following:

  1. Teacher AI - an artificial intelligence system designed to support teaching by offering personalized guidance and educational resources.

  2. Translator - a tool facilitating communication across languages by converting text or spoken words from one language to another.

  3. Corrector - a tool identifying and rectifying errors in written content, such as grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, to enhance overall quality.

  4. Dictionary - a reference tool containing words, meanings, pronunciations, and additional information for language comprehension and clarification.

  5. Synonyms - a feature providing alternative words or phrases with similar meanings, helping writers diversify language and avoid repetition.

There is also a test of a connection available for our students to do whenever they want to check if their device and Internet are well-prepared for online classes at Fluentbe!

They can find this option by clicking on their avatar:

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