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Essential information on how to start a lesson and teach it using our platform.

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Start Your Lesson

  • In order to start your lesson, you need to login to the Fluentbe system: school.fluentbe.com

  • You can either choose to click on the lesson date from Next 5 lessons, or you can go to the Course or Lesson view.

  • You click the green Start button. The video below shows you how to do it. However, it shows a lesson using Fluentbe Presentations, the view will be different if you teach using books or other materials.

  • You can start the lesson five minutes before the scheduled time if that works for you.

  • Before starting, ensure that your microphone and webcam are working correctly.

Fluentbe Platform Options

Share your screen

  • If you use materials other than Fluentbe Presentations, such as eBooks, worksheets etc., you will need to share your screen.

  • If you in a Fluentbe Presentations mode, and want to share something additional, next to the camera and microphone buttons there is an option to 'change view' (number 6 in the screenshot below).

  • Press the green button to start the screen share (number 7 in the screenshot below)

Browser Tab View (With audio!):

  • Select the tab intended to be shared (number 10 in the screenshot below). Allow to share tab audio (number 11 in the screenshot below). Finalize the process by clicking 'share' (number 12 in the screenshot below)

Window View (Without audio!):

  • Select the window you need to open (number 13 in the screenshot). Finalize the process by clicking 'share' (number 14 in the screenshot below)

Entire screen option (With audio!):

Select the screen intended to be shared (number 15 in the screenshot below). Allow to share system audio (number 16 in the screenshot below). Finalize the process by clicking 'share' (number 17 in the screenshot below)


  • If you want to use the whiteboard, click the symbol next to the Share screen option (number 8 in the screenshot below)

  • Use multiple options on the whiteboard displayed on the left side of the screen (screenshot below)

Annotation tool

Use it to write/draw on the screen and mark the most important parts of the displayed materials.

Install the extension to the Google Chrome browser and click the already installed option on the right upper corner (the puzzle symbol) to turn on the option on the screen. βœ…

End Your Lesson

  • When the time of the lesson has passed (the counter in the upper right corner will turn red), locate the button in the right upper corner 'finish lesson' (number 17 in the screenshot below)

  • The system always requires to confirm you want to end the lesson (to prevent from accidentally choosing option number 18 in the screenshot below).

  • When you confirm, the classroom will close in 3 seconds and the timer will display the time at which the room closed in the lesson view (number 19 in the screenshot below)

❗ If you by accident click the button 'finish lesson' and confirm it, reach out to the office ASAP with a short message to help you restart the class. Once your conversation is received by support, inform the student to stay tuned and wait for the reopening of the class. ❗

What has to be done after each finished lesson?

Automatic Status Updates

Gone are the days of manually changing lesson statuses. Now, the system seamlessly updates the class status to "finished" overnight following the lesson. This automatic transition eliminates the need for teachers to perform this task manually, saving valuable time and streamlining administrative processes. Yes, it means that after teaching your lesson, you don't have to do anything!

Manual Intervention

However, our teachers still have the option to manually adjust lesson statuses should they wish to do so. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to manually update lesson statuses:

Navigate to the lesson view

  • On the right-hand side, locate the 'Lesson status' option and select 'Finished.' (number 1 in the screenshot below)

'Set as finished' window

  • Leave a subject from the course program (number 2 in the screenshot below)

  • Instead of 'Custom Subject' use the 'Comments' to write additional information. (numbers 3 and 4 in the screenshot below)

  • If a Technical issue happens click on the square and leave a comment.

Mark presence

  • Mark student presence to ensure accurate attendance records by clicking on the red square.

Next lesson

  • If the teacher discusses the matter of the next lesson with the student and knows the exact date and time she/he can fill in the gaps and press 'Finish'. (number 6 in the screenshot below)

  • Otherwise press 'finish' (number 6 in the screenshot below)

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