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Referral & Individual Lesson bonus for our teachers

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Referral Bonus for Teachers

At Fluentbe, we believe in the power of community and the value of outstanding teachers. Our referral program is designed to welcome more exceptional teachers into our network while expressing our gratitude to those who help us grow.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

You, as a valued member of our teaching community, can recommend potential candidates through our designated application channels.

  1. Application and Evaluation
    Once your recommended candidate applies, our team conducts a thorough evaluation, considering their qualifications and fit for our platform.

  2. Interview and Onboarding
    Successful applicants are invited to an online interview to further assess their suitability. Our entire recruitment process is conducted digitally, ensuring efficiency and accessibility.

  3. Rewarding Referrals
    Upon the commencement of cooperation with Fluentbe, you, the referrer, receive a bonus of PLN 250 or its equivalent in other currencies. This demonstrates our appreciation for your contribution to our community.

  4. Continued Recognition
    As your referred teacher progresses and completes 100 teaching hours with us, you receive an additional bonus of PLN 250.

We recognize and celebrate the ongoing impact of your referrals.

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek passionate teachers who embody the following qualities

Educational Qualifications

Holders of MA or BA degrees in relevant fields such as teaching English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, or Polish as a foreign language. Additionally, graduates of teacher training colleges with specialized language education or possess equivalent qualifications (e.g., CELTA or DELTA).

Teaching Experience

Minimum 1 year of experience in teaching adults, teenagers, and/or children.

Technical Requirements

Access to a reliable computer and high-speed internet connection, with a preference for those experienced in online teaching.

Availability and Attitude

Available for teaching during weekdays (Monday to Friday), along with possessing trustworthiness, punctuality, and a positive outlook.

For detailed information on our candidate requirements, please visit our candidate information page.

Teaching Additional Languages

Our team is thrilled to announce that our students are venturing into the realm of languages beyond English!
From Spanish and German to French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and beyond, we're exploring a diverse array of linguistic landscapes.
At the heart of our mission is a dedication to top-notch quality in our teaching staff. Every educator undergoes meticulous verification to ensure an unparalleled learning experience. This commitment has already yielded remarkable results in our English courses.

What We're Looking For

We're seeking team members who:

  1. Hold esteemed teaching qualifications that reflect your expertise.

  2. Embrace their respective language with the fervor of a native speaker or demonstrate proficiency with a minimum C1 level certificate.

How to Join

Ready to dive in? Joining our team is as simple as pie.
Book a meeting with Kasia, the coordinator of our recruitment dream team. Remember to select your time zone for seamless coordination.
Here's the magical link that will transport you there: Schedule a Meeting with Kasia.

Showcase Your Skills: The Challenge Awaits

As you embark on this journey, prepare for an exhilarating challenge. During your meeting with Kasia, unleash your teaching prowess with a quick, 10-minute lesson

Think beginner-level engagement at an A1 proficiency scale.

Brace yourself for a dynamic duo of student participants eager to soak in your wisdom.

Individual Lesson Bonus

At Fluentbe, we value the dedication of our teachers. Our individual lesson bonus rewards your commitment to long-term teaching relationships.

Understanding the Individual Lesson Bonus

Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about building lasting connections with students. Our individual lesson bonus program recognizes and celebrates the rapport you develop with your students over time.

How Does the Bonus System Work?

  1. Earning Rewards
    Every 10th lesson conducted with the same student in an individual course entitles you to a bonus of +50% of your base rate.

  2. Inclusive Application
    The bonus applies to both adult and child students across various lesson durations.

  3. Flexible Reward Structure
    Regardless of the number of lessons purchased or any scheduling changes, you will receive the bonus for every 10th completed lesson.

  4. Scope and Limitations
    The bonus is exclusive to individual courses and does not extend to company courses offered through Fluentbe.

Illustrative Example

Consider this scenario: If your base rate is $8 for a 60-minute lesson, every 10th lesson with a student earns you an additional $4. Similarly, for 30-minute lessons, you receive an extra $2 per 10th lesson.

Monitoring Your Earnings

Stay informed about your base rate, salary, and accumulated bonuses through the Salary tab on your profile. This transparency ensures that you are duly recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

For further inquiries or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to reach out to Daria at [email protected]. If you have any feedback on our services or wish to discuss potential enhancements, schedule a meeting with us here. =
At Fluentbe, we value collaboration and continuous improvement.

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