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Crafting the Perfect Profile for a Busy Schedule!

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The profile information enables us to make successful matches between you and the students. In short, to fill up your calendar 💪

Once you've set up two tabs in your profile - Profile and Calendar of Availability, you need to set up your first meeting with your mentor for a review.

Profile tab

When you log into your teacher's account, click the place where your profile picture will be. It’s in the top left corner of the screen (number 1). You will see a few tabs there, the Profile tab is in the middle.

How to add/change your profile picture/avatar?

Your profile picture is crucial for receiving course assignments and attracting students.

To change your profile picture, you need to go to the profile tab number 1 in the screenshot above).

In the profile tab, click on the square box next to your name and upload a picture in .png format (number 2 in the screenshot above).

  • Select the Right Size

    Ensure your photo is appropriately sized. It shouldn't dominate the page but should clearly depict your face.

    Max upload file size: 5MB

    Dimensions: 580x580

    Accepted extension: .png

  • Prioritize Quality

    Opt for a high-quality image. Blurry images or pixelation can convey unprofessionalism. Invest in a clear, sharp photo. If needed, enhance colors and sharpness using free photo editing software.

  • Avoid Overly Casual Shots

    While humor is appreciated, overly quirky or unprofessional photos may deter potential students. Avoid selfies and excessive filters. Let your personality shine through - you don't need to appear overly serious. A relaxed smile and vibrant colors can make a positive impact. Maintain a balance between professionalism and approachability.

    If you don't have a suitable photo, you can use your laptop / computer camera.

  • Mind the Frame

    Crop your photo effectively. A close-up of your face or face and shoulders suffices. Oversized photos can disrupt the document's flow.

  • Problems with uploading?

    Check if it has .png extension. If not, change it.

    Still issues, try taking a screenshot of your picture and uploading it.

Time Zone

Select your time zone accurately.

🚩 All activities and schedules will align with this choice, ensuring seamless communication and coordination. Any changes made to your time zone settings will affect the time slots visible to your students. Make sure that the time zone is identical with the one in your Google calendar.

How to set your time zone?

To change the time zone, go to your profile tab, click on the time zone field, which is located under the General section and the Nationality subsection. (marked as number 2 in the screenshot below).


Select your nationality accurately.

Believe it or not, specifying your exact nationality is important for our students. Please don't hesitate to share your true nationality - honesty is key. If you're not British or American, there's no need to pretend to be one.

How to set your nationality?

To change your nationality, go to your profile tab (you can always quickly navigate there by clicking on the circle in the top left corner)click on the nationality field, which is located under the General section and above the Timezone subsection. (marked as number 2 in the screenshot below).

Some elements like Teaching preferences, Specialities, and ‘Exams I prepare students for’ are locked. You’ll set them up together with your mentor in your first meeting with them.


Craft a captivating headline that promises value to the reader. It's a mission statement that describes you the best e.g. ‘A native speaker teacher with business background’

To change the headline, go to the profile tab (you can always quickly navigate there by clicking on the circle in the top left corner), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and on the right-hand side, below the "Exams I prepare students for" section and to the right of the "Specialities" section, you will find the "User About" section. Within this section, you will find boxes labeled "Headline," "Bio," and "Profile video." (Check the screenshot below for instructions.)

How to add/change your Bio

Go to the profile tab (you can always quickly navigate there by clicking on the circle in the top left corner), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and on the right-hand side, below the "Exams I prepare students for" section and to the right of the "Specialities" section, you will find the "User About" section. Within this section, you will find boxes labeled "Headline," "Bio," and "Profile video." (Check the screenshot above for instructions.)

Crafting your bio is an essential step in connecting with potential students. This is crucial, as you have just a few sentences to present yourself in the best light possible, showcasing your key competencies and answering the following questions for your audience:

  • Why should a student choose you?

  • Why should a student trust you?

  • Why is it worth learning from you?

  • Why choose lessons with you?

Consistently write in the first person. It's an introduction of your education and certificates, experience, and specializations. Highlight what makes you, YOU. You may also write about your interests and hobbies to make it even more relatable.

Remember, while the English version is mandatory for English teachers, if you're a native speaker of Polish, Czech, Spanish, or Hungarian, feel free to include it as well.

If you teach other than English languages, write your bio in this language, e.g. German.

You'll find plenty of examples online to guide you. You can narrow down your search to your specific industry or area of expertise, exploring the profiles of individuals who share your passion or work in a similar field. Take a look at their "About Me" section, analyze the bios of our instructors, review several biographies, and identify which style resonates with you the most and what information you should include.

How to add/change your video

Did you know that the most frequently chosen instructors are those who have added videos to their profiles?

A profile video is essential because it provides a personal connection with potential students, showcasing your teaching style and passion. It helps students feel more comfortable and confident in choosing you as their teacher.

Go to the Profile tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and on the right-hand side, below the "Exams I prepare students for" section, and to the right of the "Specialties" section, you will find the "User About" tab. Within this tab, you will find tabs labeled "Headline," "Bio," and "Profile video." (Check the screenshot below for instructions.)

Here are some key points to consider when creating your profile video:

  • Plan your content: Outline an introduction, discuss your teaching approach, and highlight your qualifications. Use English or the language you teach. You may add some sentences in your native language (Polish, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese).

  • Prepare your equipment and location: Ensure good lighting and minimal background distractions, use a USB headset for clear audio.

  • Dress accordingly: Present yourself professionally but comfortably.

  • Smile, maintain eye contact, and speak confidently: Show your passion for teaching and engage with the viewer.

  • Keep it between 1 to 2 minutes and edit if necessary: Be concise and to the point.

  • Upload it on YouTube/Vimeo: Make sure your video is public so it can be accessed by potential students.

  • On YouTube: if you don't want the video to be searchable on other platforms or search engines, chose 'Unlisted" in the settings (NOT Private). Don't add your video as a short one.

  • Paste the link into the Video box in your Fluentbe profile: Log into and add the link to your video in your profile.

  • Avoid: mentioning your contact details or external websites. All communication with students should be done through Fluentbe.

So, let's showcase our amazing team of teachers on our website!

Please record, upload, and add your video according to the provided instructions. Your video will not only enhance your profile but also help students make informed decisions about their English learning journey.

Happy recording!

Example Profiles

Check some of our teachers' profiles which can serve as a reference for you!

Take a peek at profiles that sparkle with creativity and warmth! You'll find that these profiles have it all – captivating photos, engaging descriptions, catchy headlines, and even delightful videos. They truly stand out as shining examples of what an outstanding profile can be.

So, why not let them serve as a source of inspiration for your own profile? Feel free to draw ideas and insights from these gems as you craft or refine your online presence. Remember, your profile is your digital persona, and it's a wonderful opportunity to showcase your passion for teaching and connect with your students in meaningful ways.

Explore more profiles on our side!

Calendar of availability tab

To mark your availability, you need to:

  • go to the profile tab by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner (marked as number 1) in the screenshot below

  • go to the "Calendar of Availability" section (marked as number 2) in the screenshot below.

Switching Time

Designate the duration the system will automatically incorporate between your classes, providing a brief interlude.

  • Switching time options are 0, 5, 10, or 15 minutes between lessons, ensuring no back-to-back bookings for current students.

  • But be aware that it is possible that with some group courses or new students the switching time will not be considered.

Advance Notice

Specify the lead time within which students can book a lesson with you, facilitating effective planning.

  • You can set your switching time between lessons from 0h, 1h, 3h, 6h, 12h to 24h. If you are a new teacher, we recommend 24h, you can always change it once you feel more comfortable.

Google Calendar Integration:

Integrate your Google Calendar. After marking your working hours (see the next point), utilize the ‘Booking Preview’ option (in blue below Advance notice) to visualize the available slots for student bookings.

  • Begin by clicking the "connect" button and logging into your Google account.

  • Allow Fluentbe calendar access to your Google account to initiate the integration.

  • By default, your primary Google Calendar will sync with Fluentbe. However, if you utilize multiple calendars, select the ones you wish to integrate.

  • Ensure that the time zone settings in your Google Calendar align with your Fluentbe profile for accurate scheduling.

Mark your Working Hours:

Define your working hours accurately. Ensure to save your preferences. Utilize the ‘Booking Preview’ (in blue) to review and confirm the available slots for student bookings.

  • When you add your availability, remember that it reflects your local time zone, however, your available hours are visible for our students in the timezone they have set on their profiles so everything should be working well.

  • Choose the day of the week and the time when you want to work and drag to create a box. Do it for each day of the week, they can be different.

  • Make sure to click green Save calendar changes button

  • This calendar sets your regular availability, any specific changes (holidays, appointments) should be managed through a Google calendar.

More info on Calendars

For more information how to manage your availability, use Google calendar effectively, create events, what to do when you go on holidays, etc. go here:

Book a meeting with your mentor

Now, when you've created your Profile and Calendar of Availability, book a meeting with your mentor. You should have received emails with your mentor's name and also a link to their calendar where you can book a meeting.

If you can't find it, please email Justyna at [email protected]

Keep shining bright, wonderful teachers! 👋👋

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