Teacher Stats and Success Criteria

This article explains where you can find your teacher stats and what you can do to improve your performance at Fluentbe

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Teacher Stats

Engagement in your role as a teacher is a key factor that determines your success in teaching. Your statistics are not just numbers on a screen - they reflect your commitment, professionalism, and care for your students' experience.

Remember that your statistics are of immense importance and influence how many students you will receive and how long they will stay with you. Our best teachers are not only those who have great feedback, but they are also punctual, never shorten their classes, don't cancel lessons too often, especially in less than 24h. And of course, they never miss a class (what we call a no-show) unless in a real emergency.

Canceling lessons can negatively affect students' trust and reduce their motivation to continue learning. Therefore, it is important to always show up for scheduled classes and not cancel them unless absolutely necessary. Monitoring your reliability and punctuality provides insights into your performance.

Apart from teaching quality, these factors significantly influence students' decisions to continue learning with you, as well as new courses assignment. If adjustments are needed, you have the capability to take proactive steps for improvement.

Remember, your commitment and professionalism are crucial for building a positive reputation as a teacher. By consistently taking care of your statistics, you will achieve success both as a teacher and as a mentor for your students.

Learn from Your Stats

Go to your Profile, you'll always find yourself by clicking on your avatar in the top-left corner of the navigation panel.

One of the tabs is labeled "Stats". Choose it to see your teacher statistics at Fluentbe.

(Marked in the screenshot)

The statistics refer to both individual and group lessons.
You can see the bulk results for the current month (this month), last month, this year so far (year to date) and last year. It's also possible to check the details of each result.

In the columns, you'll find specific information

Finished lessons

The number of lessons you completed.

The count does not consider the duration of the lessons, so it is a total count of lessons completed regardless of their duration (30, 60, or 90 minutes).

No shows

The number of lessons where you had a 'no show' event.

Failing to appear for a lesson - is an unacceptable situation.
Even if you cannot attend the lesson, cancel it.
It shows respect for the other person and acknowledges their time.

Lessons started on time

The number of lessons you started on time without any delays.

Lessons started late

The number of lessons started late by you. Being late means starting the lesson with a delay exceeding 2 minutes. If you are late for a lesson, try to extend it by the same duration. The student pays for a specific length of the lesson.

Lessons shorter than planned

The number of lessons where the duration was shorter than it should have been.

Lessons canceled by teacher

The number of lessons canceled by you in due time, according to our rules.

Lessons canceled by teacher in less than 24h

The number of lessons canceled late by you.


If you are interested in the details, click the "i" symbol next to the number you are interested in. You will see all the details of the lessons from the list: the date, the course type, the lesson status, the course name, and when the lesson started and finished.

How to Be a Successful Teacher at Fluentbe


✅always show up and finish on time

✅don't cancel classes, the best is to reschedule them with students

✅meet all technical requirements

✅if you or your students experience connection problems, report it

✅follow the course program

✅follow all steps of each topic

✅devote most of the lesson time to meaningful interactions

✅show how to prepare for the next lesson

✅check completion of homework and pre-lesson activities

✅always reply to your student's messages

For Group lessons...

✅make students participate equally

✅increase student-to-student speaking time

✅request substitutions as soon as possible

For 1:1 lessons

✅define student’s learning needs and set up goals

✅review the goals regularly

✅schedule lessons regularly, don't allow long breaks

✅if your student doesn't respond to your messages, inform our office

✅always reply to your student's messages


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